We spend our days trying to solve difficult problems related to new types of processing. We also work hard to develop our human resources in order to improve Urawa’s technical capabilities.

What URAWA is like.

Our company, as a parts maker which provides high value-added products, supports client manufacturers from early product development stage through to processing and assembly and manufacturing prototype. By fusing client manufacturer technology with ours, we have maintained our stance as a subcontract factory. This has led to high evaluations and the trust of our client manufacturers, and we continue to work on enhancing our key industrial capabilities.

The type of human resources we are seeking.

Our staff ranges in age from teenagers to veterans in their 60s. They communicate closely with one another regardless of ages, careers or post. With top-class technology and facilities and active staffs, the URAWA environment is one we are proud of. It is the best place for an applicant who is motivated to take a step forward as a technical expert and to keep on learning. We are looking for applicants who want to broaden their own potential, working at a job that comes with responsibility.

Job openingtechnician , sales, quality assurance, production management
Working hours8:00~16:50
HolidaysComplete five-day workweek system, 116days off per year
Training systemEducation and training plan system
Initial monthly salaryUniversity graduate 203,000 yen
Junior College graduate 173,000 yen
Technical Associate 173,000 yen
High school graduate 167,500 yen
Mid-career workers and experienced workers are paid according to experience/skills.
Various allowancesCommuting, overtime, dependent family members, housing, qualifications and so on
Employee benefitsRetirement pay, recreational facilities and accommodations
Pay raises / bonuses
Once a year / twice a year
InsuranceEmployment, workmen’s compensation, medical expense, pension
Employment record3 new employees in 2019
OthersMandatory retirement system, recreational facilities, Child/family care leave system
Main locationsMaebashi Factory, Fujioka Factory

Contact the following to inquire about employment.
Department in charge: Management Department Tel. 027-251-2634