Mechanical Facilities

Our company has a machining center composed of more than 130 machines and facilities such as an NC composite lathe. We have created ALL IN ONE manufacturing system for mass production, small lot production and prototype.
This enables our company to speedily meet client manufacturer’s need such as product quality, cost, delivery deadline and change in quantity.

URAWADouble column type machining centerUB-7532
URAWADouble column type machining centerUB-75Ⅱ9
URAWADouble column type machining centerUB-75-2SP18
URAWADouble column type machining centerUB-7109
OKKVertical machining centerVM-4Ⅱ4
OKKVertical machining centerVM-4Ⅲ1
ENSHUVertical machining centerS-3005
DMG MORI SEIKIVertical machining centerSV-4032
DMG MORI SEIKIVertical machining centerNV50002
DMG MORI SEIKIVertical machining centerDuraVertical50602
FANUCTapping centerα-T2157
DMG MORI SEIKIHorizontal machining centerSH-503/401
DMG MORI SEIKIHorizontal machining centerNH50001
DMG MORI SEIKIHorizontal machining centerNH5000 DCG1
MAKINO JVertical machining centerL21
HorkosBedless machining centerNS702
MazakFive-axis machining centerVARIAXIS i-6001
MazakFive-axis machining center630-5XⅡ1
NAKAMURA-TOMENumerically-controlled combined latheWT-2506
NAKAMURA-TOMENumerically-controlled combined latheWT-150Ⅱ1
MazakNumerically-controlled latheQTN-2501
OKUMANumerically-controlled latheLS-30N1
OKUMANumerically-controlled latheLB-3001
OKUMANumerically-controlled latheLH-35N1
OKUMANumerically-controlled latheLCS151
OKUMANumerically-controlled latheLB151
DMG MORI SEIKINumerically-controlled latheSL-25M1
DMG MORI SEIKINumerically-controlled latheSL-2001
DMG MORI SEIKINumerically-controlled latheSL-253B2
NAGASEiSurface grinding machinesSGE1
JTEKTUniversal grinding machinesGUP40-2701
JTEKTUniversal grinding machinesGU28-1001
JTEKTExternal cylindrical grinding machinesGUP32*1001
FANUCRobotic systemM-16iB/2022
KATAOKAWashers and cleanersSPC-101-S1
TOYO PARTSWashers and cleanersCLN-300S、400S35
URAWANumerically-controlled Boring machinesU692
OKUMANumerically-controlled milling machine2R-NC1