Our company has been consistently working on machining since its foundation in 1940. By combining high technology and our original technology we always aim to meet the needs of clients.
Main businesses are,
・Manufacturing auto parts (electrically powered and hydraulic power-steering parts ・ engines ・ motor and oil pump components)
・Manufacturing of precision-machine parts(manufacturing and grinding of linear guide bearings・manufacturing ball shaft ends・manufacturingmono-carrier sliders)
・Prototyped parts (total machining, sand mold casting, plaster mold casting)

The Founder's Philosophy

  • A company thrives depending on the quality of its workforce. “Educate employees, make full use of machines."
  • We never decline a request.

Management Philosophy

  • We will make every effort to tackle our business with sincerity.
  • By making use of the power of the work place, making proposals and executing them, we will aim to be a company appreciated by clients around the world.
  • Every employee will aim to reach maturity as a human and a professional so that they will live a meaningful life.

With the above-mentioned philosophies, our company will make efforts to be a company as close as possible to our clients.

We maximize each employee's potential, develop our skills, and exert ourselves to the utmost of our abilities. We will continue management innovations to be a company with competitive edge and presence.

We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

Company Profile

FoundedJuly 1 1940
Capital87,5 million yen
PresidentYukio Moriya President and CEO
Employee130 employees ( male 112/ female 18) at Maebashi Factory
Head Office9-24, Motobuto 2-chome, Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 330-0004 Japan
TEL.048-882-5615(the Pilot Number) FAX.048-882-5613
Maebashi Factory118, Toirba-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma
Area : 7,600㎡ Total factory floor space : 6,500㎡
TEL.027-251-2634(the Pilot Number) FAX.027-252-1329
Fujioka Factory1349, Aza-Michisita, Kamiootsuka, Fujioka-shi, Gunma
Area : 2,900㎡ The total factory floor space : 720㎡
Business contentAuto Parts Manufacturing
・Electrically Powered and Hydraulic Powersteering Parts
・Electro-mobile Parts, Motorcycle Parts
Manufacturing of Precision-machine Parts
・Manufacturing and Grinding of Linear Guide Bearings
・Manufacturing of Ball Shaft Ends
・Manufacturing of Mono-carrier Sliders
・Construction Machinery Parts
・Total Machining, Sand Mold Cast, Plaster Mold Cast
Main customerNSK Steering Systems Co., Ltd.
NSK Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
KYB Co., Ltd.
MINO Industry Co., Ltd.
Showa Co., Ltd.
JTEKT Co., Ltd.
Knorr-Bremse Steering Systems Japan Co., Ltd.
SANDEN Co., Ltd.
YAMADA Co., Ltd.


July 1940Start operations at the factory, mainly grinding manufacturing and modifications of industrial machines.
May 1949Entered into business relations with NSK.
April 1956Receive an award from the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency and designated as a model factory of small and medium enterprises which has streamlined its operations.
April 1957Set up the machine tool department and develope UM-lathe.
October 1965Enter into business relations with NPJ-Maebashi.
May 1967Start operations at the Maebashi Plant, in Maebashi-city of Gunma prefecture.
October 1973
Enter into business relations with KYB Co. Ltd.
October 1979Develop Machining Center ( UB Series ).
July 1984Add a new factory to Maebashi Factory site.
January 1985Star manufacturing ball shaft ends.
April 1985Start manufacturing linear guide bearings.
February 1997Start manufacturing electric power steering gear cases.
April 2000Start manufacturing monocarrier sliders.
July 2003Achieve ISO9001:2000 certification.
July 2003
Start machining and assembly of linear guides.
November 2003Enter into business relations with Hitachi Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.
December 2003Enter into business relations with Showa Co., Ltd.
July 2006Add a new factory at Maebashi Factory site. (+1,440㎡ )
January 2007Enter into business relations with YAMADA.
October 2007Enter into business relations with Mitsuba Corporation.
August 2009Start operations at the Fujioka Factory in Fujioka-city.
December 2009Achieve ISO14001 certification.
October 2011Set up Tan'yo URAWA Precision-machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu China.
December 2012Enter into business relations with Bosch Co., Ltd.
May 2013Enter into business relations with OGURA CLUTCH CO., LTD.
June 2015Receive injection of capital to reach 87,5 million yen in capital total.
May 2018Achieve and renewed ISO9001 : 2015 certification. 
June 2019Enter into business relations with Sanden Corporation.
July 2019Start manufacturing medical device parts.
August 2019Enter into business relations with JTEKT CORPORATION.