Privacy Policy

Our company complies with personal information protection laws and other norms. Personal information our company collects refers to data that can be used to distinguish a particular individual, such as full name, birthday and home address, including the possibility of our distinguishing a particular individual by checking other data against personal information we have.

About acquiring personal information
Our company may collect personal information in the case of the following.

  • For the fulfilment of a contract between a client manufacturer and our company
  • To have business negotiation or business arrangement with client manufacturers and to respond to inquiries and requests of documents.
  • To provide client after-sales service
  • To announcing campaigns and sending information about products
  • To analyze to improve services based on questionnaires

Purposes for utilizing of personal information
Our company uses personal information given by clients for the following as necessary.

  • To confirm contents of a contract proposal
  • To contact client manufacturers in response to inquiries or confirmation purposes
  • To conduct a survey aimed at improving our services based on questionnaires or the like
  • To announce events or campaigns
  • To send information on products or services

Management and protection of personal information
In order to ensure security and accuracy of personal information, our company controls access to personal information, limits the means of accessing personal information and takes Internet unauthorized access prevention measures. Our company makes every effort to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leaks of personal information. In principle, our company will not disclose personal information of clients to any outsiders except in the following cases.

  • There is an agreement with a client after specifying the disclosure destination and the contents of information to be disclosed.
  • Required for settling purchases by a client
  • Our company requests delivery of product to delivery company

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This data is used to make it more convenient for clients to browse a site if they have been there before. When clients access to the same page, Cookie information enables the website operator to change the display according the user’s past access. Cookies can distinguish clients’ computers but cannot distinguish clients themselves.

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Cookie settings

Clients can choose to “receive any and all cookies”, “refuse any and all cookies”, “ask for notice of having received cookies”, and so on. Confirm cookie settings in the help menu of the browser you use.

Contact the following to inquire about our company privacy policy.

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  • Maebashi Factory 118Toriba-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma.
  • Tel. 027-251-2634